Watch All Two Hours and 40 Minutes of the Titanic Sinking in Real Time

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The animators made this video painfully accurate. They also helpfully published a timeline of events that you can jump to in the video description as well:0:30 - Iceberg spotted.1:05 - Titanic collides with iceberg.6:06 - The ship has stopped as damage inspections are carried out.7:44 - Captain Smith orders engines to 'Half Ahead'.19:41 - Titanic stops for the last time.20:04 - Excess steam is vented.38:08 - The Titanic begins taking on a 'starboard list'.43:03 - Thomas Andrews estimates 1-2 hours before the ship sinks.46:23 - The first distress calls are sent out.48:38 - Lights of another ship are spotted on the horizon.53:07 - Most lifeboats are prepared to evacuate passengers.58:20 - Carpathia responds to Titanic's distress calls.1:01:29 - Lifeboat 7 is launched.1:05:03 - Lifeboat 5 is launched.1:05:21 - The D-Deck gangway doors are opened.1:06:04 - The telegraph operators begin using 'SOS'.1:07:22 - Lifeboat 5 encounters lowering difficulties.1:08:02 - Officer Boxhall launches the first distress rocket in an attempt to signal the ship on the horizon.1:10:24 - The Carpathia confirms it is on it's way.1:11:03 - Steam stops venting from the funnels.1:13:20 - The starboard list is eliminated as Boiler Room 5 floods.1:21:28 - Lifeboat 8 leaves.1:28:22 - Suction pumps are activated.1:31:33 - Lifeboat 6 is launched.1:36:57 - Water is up to the Titanic's nameplate.1:39:37 - Titanic begins listing to port.1:41:43 - Lifeboat 16 is launched.1:46:54 - Lifeboat 14 is launched.1:51:18 - Lifeboat 14 is dropped 4 feet into the sea from its falls after they jammed.1:51:42 - Lifeboat 12 is launched.1:52:29 - Lifeboat 9 is launched.1:58:53 - Lifeboat 11 is launched.2:00:41 - Lifeboat 13 is launched.2:05:21 - Lifeboat 13 is pushed aft by the discharging condenser, jamming it on the falls.